SumnerOne Partner Konica Minolta Remains a ‘Leader’ in Print Security

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We are proud to announce that one of our longstanding partners in providing print and business technology solutions is once again recognized as a trusted leader in print security!

In its 2023 report on the print security market, global market insight and research firm Quocirca recognized Konica Minolta as a leader, thanks to its extensive print security products and services, combined with its robust strategic vision.

Quocirca recognized the company’s significant investments in its portfolio, infrastructure, and hardware. It also emphasized the importance of effective print security amidst organizations’ dependence on print and the steady increase in cybersecurity cases. (In fact, roughly 27 percent of IT security incidents are linked to paper documents.)

An earlier study by Quocirca found that organizations have difficulty ensuring print security, which led to at least 3 in every 5 organizations questioned suffering from data loss due to unsafe printing practices in the previous year alone. Konica Minolta’s managed print security services include tracking and managing print devices and systems, such as vulnerability scanning and intrusion detection, device security profile management, and print policy enforcement, among others, making it one of the best in the industry.

Konica Minolta was commended for its robust hardware and software security, along with its ‘broad approach’ to ensuring cybersecurity, enabling businesses to recognize, contain, and examine their network, including attacks by ransomware, malware, and hackers.

We are proud to sell and service Konica devices for many years now. In addition to superior printing solutions, we offer added value with our print security service to ensure that your data is protected.

Our dependable techs are Konica Minolta-certified and provide outstanding customer service with a local touch to our clients all over the Midwest. Besides Konica Minolta, we can also supply printing solutions from other vendors, depending on your specific printing requirements.

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