You print.

For every 8,333 sheets of paper you use, we’ll plant a tree. Your paper consumption is automatically updated and converted to trees using PrintReleaf and Predictive Insight's meter tracking.


Plant Hand2

We track.

Through PrintReleaf, you’ll be part of Global Forest Watch, where you can see which areas of the world need trees the most. You can even choose where you want the trees to be planted, and monitor their growth.



We plant.

PrintReleaf gives you customizable sharing tools and press releases you can use to let employees, business partners or customers know about your environmental efforts. Yes—a win for the planet and a PR win for you.


How do current SumnerOne customers sign up for PrintReleaf?

Please contact your local office or support representative to check if you are currently registered for our PrintReleaf program.  If not, the process is simple.  Just request that your devices be added to the program, and our customer support team will get started on the process.

Do you have any recycling programs?

Yes — since electronics and spent toner cartridges can be harmful to the environment, our partners have designed programs to limit the negative effects of printing.

Are your products energy efficient?

We provide energy efficient products and tips to help your organization operate as sustainably as possible. By going green, you’re not only conserving energy and protecting the environment – you’re eliminating unnecessary waste and saving money for your business. Sustainability is a win-win for you and the planet, and SumnerOne is here to help you achieve it.


Protect the planet.

As a SumnerOne customer, we’ll find other ways to minimize your environmental impact. That starts with selecting energy efficient products. And it continues as you use your products. We partner with our manufacturers’ recycling programs to keep harmful chemicals and metals out of landfills.

Want to learn more about how we can protect the planet together?

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