SumnerOne is proud to announce the official release of the new Managed Print Services SumnerOne Data Collection Application (DCA) – Powered by Predictive Insight! It is our goal to move all our customers to the new SumnerOne DCA by April 1, 2024. Customers remaining on the legacy DCA beyond this date may experience delays in service. To ensure we continue to provide the highest quality service available, please contact us to request your install today.

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In a digital world, businesses are producing more content than ever. Producing more content often means dedicating more resources to managing it. Enterprise Content Management is a solution that improves workflows and allows businesses to capture, track, and securely store digital content. 

With streamlined workflows, ECM goes beyond document storage. Spend less time sifting through documents with an Enterprise Content Management solution that supports your processes and business goals. 

We're here to help you improve the flow of information, enterprise-wide.

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We’ll talk to you and other people throughout your organization to discover what’s working and what needs improvement, and then we’ll create a detailed plan and recommendation to make it happen—all at no charge or obligation.


Workflow Visibility & Automation

The right Enterprise Content Management provides visibility over workflows and processes in real-time. A workflow controller can oversee every task for all users at any given time, providing a real-time snapshot of productivity. Task management allows leadership to monitor activity, including deadline and overdue alerts as well as run productivity reports.  Workflow automation can be customized based on business rules or decision points in a process, which helps standardize and accelerate repetitive workflows.


Ease of Access

Accessibility is a huge component of Enterprise Content Management—whether you’re providing it, limiting it, or securing it. With user customization features, you ensure access to documents employees need and limit their access to documents they do not. Authorized users are not limited to one office space or network to access important documentation, which is ideal for an on-the-go workforce.  SumnerOne’s Electronic Content Management solutions make it easy to search, track, and store content; wherever your work takes you.


Sophisticated Security

Store documents securely to ensure confidentiality without sacrificing quick retrieval and accessibility. The security of ECM goes beyond loss protection, with sophisticated data encryption to ensure only permitted users can retrieve private documents.  SumnerOne’s ECM solutions provide data backup and storage plans to safeguard company documents against cybersecurity threats and natural disasters alike. Should disaster strike, redundant backups can be recovered from cloud storage or an off-site server.


Clear-Cut Compliance 

SumnerOne offers Electronic Content Management Solutions that are compliant with regulatory guidelines and legislation including HIPAA, HITECH, FACTA, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX). With features like rights-protected access and legally binding digital signatures, SumnerOne’s ECM solutions offer scalable security options that are in line with regulatory guidelines. Compliance makes for easy audits, especially with ECM that offers transparency through activity logging.

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