In most industries, employees and employers alike are benefiting from the advantages of remote work.  Giving employees the option to work outside the office allows for increased flexibility and autonomy while also improving overall employee happiness, health, and productivity.

With these benefits in mind, some logistical requirements need to be put in place before deploying your workforce remotely to ensure success.

That's where SumnerOne can help.

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The SumnerOne Remote Work Toolkit includes:

  • A secure firewall solution
  • VPN set-up
  • Remote monitoring
  • Anti-virus tools
  • Softphone set-up
  • Audio & video conferencing
  • Document sharing & collaboration
  • Desktop all-in-one printers
  • Technical support
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We'll work with your organization to build a plan that fits your needs. Our remote work experts are ready to help you get started. Take your first steps towards remote success today.

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Have you considered the security risks of your remote workforce?

Whether you’re transitioning your workforce to remote work for short-term business continuity strategy or as a long-term cultural and operational shift, security needs to be top of mind.

During vulnerable times of transition, experts predict that cyber criminals will increase attacks on end-users as much as 40%.  Making educated, vital technology decisions during this time can be the difference between being at risk and being secure.

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Make sure your employees can access everything they need to remain productive.

Without the proper software and tools in place, remote workers can feel isolated, which leads to a decrease in productivity.  Having the right infrastructure in place allows departments to communicate and collaborate effectively.

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Home Network Security: A Guide for Remote Workers

These simple steps will help you stay safe from cyber attacks when working remotely. Up your home network security with this guide from SumnerOne.

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The mobile workforce is growing at an unprecedented rate, and there are many benefits. You may be inclined to join the mobile ranks, but make sure you have the right technology first.

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