In 1937, Bud Sumner took a job with the A.B. Dick Company, one of the country’s true pioneers in the printing industry. Albert Blake Dick invented mimeographs in the 1880s using patents licensed from Thomas Edison – and grew one of the most successful companies in the printing business from there. 

Between 1955 and 1979, the St. Louis A.B. Dick distributor, under Bud’s leadership, grew 15-fold, fueled by both increasingly accessible technology and the company’s strong partnerships with leading equipment brands. From production print to copier machines, it was the start innovation and long-lasting relationships.  

Today, SumnerOne is one of the largest independent office technology dealers in the Midwest, with offices in Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. Of course, we’re more than that. We’re a family of respected companies united by ONE goal: to exceed your expectations and help you get the most from your investments in printing, IT, and document technology. We are proud to be in step with our foundation that was set almost a century ago. Since the beginning, production print has been a main focus of SumnerOne. Still working with those trusted leading brands today and are one of the top leading distributors in the country. 

Technology changes all the time. Our passionate drive to exceed our customers’ expectations doesn’t.

We’ll do whatever it takes to keep you at your best.



We act with integrity. We hold honesty, trust, transparency and fair dealing central to our relationships with customers, colleagues, and our communities. This requires open, frequent, and consistent communication, which fosters success in developing lasting and purposeful relationships.


We are one team. Our strength is derived from our collective knowledge and our ability to team up to solve complex problems. Together, we pursue one mission and excel as one company.


We play to win. We are united by clearly articulated goals that drive us to achieve excellence in all we do. As partners to our customers, we are accountable for the results that support their superior performance and thereby the results that make us the industry leader.


We are service led. We strive to be a trusted advisor and resource for our customers and invest in our people’s ability to assess and solve our customers’ problems. We continually assess the scope and breadth of our service promise so our team can consistently exceed expectations.


People grow at SumnerOne. We empower each other to lead from wherever we are and value each employee’s unique contributions. We create a supportive environment that promotes continuous learning and encourages all to invest in their own and others’ personal and professional growth.


We adapt. We are a learning organization that responds to change with a growth mindset. We accept challenges and own, fix and learn from our mistakes. In an ever-evolving marketplace, we welcome opportunities to create new solutions and reward creativity, experimentation and innovation.


We give back. We take pride in being authentically engaged in the places we work and live. We enhance the health and well-being of our communities by providing time, talent and resources to make tomorrow better.

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