UC-1 eBook Mockup

In business, there isn’t time for ineffective communication or faulty technology. Changes can happen quickly, and your office needs to stay ahead in the game.

UC-One from Cisco, formerly from Broadsoft, is more than a tool used to improve your office connection. It’s an app that will enable your team to work together efficiently using multiple different communication methods.

UC-One offers:

  • The ability to place and receive calls from a smartphone, tablet or computer without compromising quality.
  • A simple connection with people inside and outside the office through instant messaging.
  • The capability to host video conferencing meetings with people from all across the globe and collaborate as if everyone is in the same room.
  • Multiple mobility features within the app to ensure users never skip a beat when on the go.
  • Access important content instantly by utilizing the seamless integration with other cloud-based apps.

    Transforming the way your business gets in touch isn’t the only benefit users will notice from UC-One:

  • Experience improved collaboration between teams and customers
  • Overall reduced costs and complexity of use
  • Enhanced mobility
  • Greater overall responsiveness and productivity

We spend most of our day workday communicating. So, why not do it right? Download the e-book to learn how UC-One will improve your voice communications.


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