10 Ways Print Management Can Help Non-Profits Reduce Costs

Non-profit organizations are in a unique position when it comes to operational costs. Most consider it a moral obligation to funnel most, if not all donations directly to their cause. Reducing overhead and administrative expenses are imperative if non-profits are going to successfully meet these goals.

Reigning in Print Expenses

When it comes to print spending, non-profits aren’t much different than any other organization. The average print assessment uncovers spending as high as 3% of annual revenues—clearly, a higher rate than most non-profits can afford to pay. Many non-profit organizations turn to Print Management Services to reduce that rate. Through careful assessment and strategic planning, it’s possible to reduce print spending by as much as 30%, or even more. Here’s how:

  1. An initial print assessment is the first step in the process. It quantifies print spending and identifies areas of mismanagement and waste.
  2. A workflow analysis pinpoints areas where strategic rearrangement of devices and streamlining of internal processes can deliver improvements in productivity.
  3. Streamlining paper-based processes by converting them from print-based to digital saves time and money.
  4. Proactive management of printers results in better performance, fewer downtimes, and reduced costs for repairs and maintenance.
  5. Print rules and policies reduce wasteful printing habits.
  6. One source for consumables reduces overspending, expensive inventory closets, and administrative costs.
  7. A simple cost-per-page system eliminates budget surprises.
  8. One invoice for all print-related spending delivers budget predictability.
  9. Fleet right-sizing and optimization allows non-profits to get the most from existing devices.
  10. Access to print experts frees up non-profit staff members to focus on core objectives and organizational goals.

We would love to talk with you about a customized Print Management Strategy to help your non-profit organization reduce costs. Get in touch with us at SumnerOne to learn more today!

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Originally published December 20, 2016, updated August 6, 2018


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