Three Important Questions to Ask About Network Security


It can be a grave mistake to assume your network is secure based on the fact that a data breach has yet to occur. That’s a little like not locking the front door to your home because you’ve never been the victim of a robbery. Ask yourself these important questions about your network security:

1. Is Your Network Secure?

In the same way that you lock your doors at home and then test them to see that they hold, it’s critical to test and measure your network’s security. By enlisting the assistance of Managed Services experts, you can find out where your St. Louis company stands and learn how to remedy any potential vulnerabilities.

2. Is Your Team Up-to-Speed on Security Trends?

Without realizing it, your team can invite trouble just by being blissfully unaware of the potential dangers hidden in email attachments, malicious apps, and weak passwords. Managed IT Services provider can help you and your staff understand the importance of keeping up-to-speed on the latest threats. A proactive approach is critical to keeping your network users well informed.

  • Ongoing formalized classes explaining the importance of using strong passwords, knowing how to recognize a suspicious email, and how to avoid social media scams.
  • Regular updates informing staff members of the latest security threats with reminders to remain vigilant.
  • Policies regarding mobile device usage, including a banned app list and procedures to follow in the case of loss or theft.
  • Policies outlining the rules for personal use of company computers and networks.
  • Established procedures to keep sensitive documents secure during printing.

3. Do You Have a Disaster Recovery Plan?

What would your business do if disaster struck and you no longer had access to crucial data? We've all heard the horror stories about businesses that have had to close their doors after a disaster due to the inability to recover crucial data

Luckily, there are businesses out there that will help to ensure that your business doesn't become a victim of disaster. Implementing a disaster recovery plan for your business will help guard against not only natural disasters, but cyber attacks and human error too. 

To learn more about the benefits of Managed Services for your St. Louis organization, contact us at SumnerOne today!

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Originally published December 24, 2016, updated January 31, 2019


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