5 Facts About Office Printing, Paper, and the Price

The day-to-day life of a business is busy. When things get busy we become concerned with things like reports, who's making the next pot of coffee, and projects. Who starts thinking about how much that 50-page document you needed to print for your afternoon meeting really cost? Let's talk over some facts and figures that may help you to begin to gauge what your business is spending on printing:

5 Fast Facts About Office Printing


Say Goodbye to Wasteful Printing Habits 

Wasteful printing is something that most businesses have experienced. Whether something printed the wrong way or you only needed for a few minutes, it happens. The price of how much that piece of paper cost to print isn't something most employees are too concerned about, but from a management level, its something to think on.

Printing is expensive. Think about all of the different components that go into printing: Tons of paper, different colors of ink and toner, the printer itself, and service when something breaks down. The price of printing can really add up, and that would be for just one machine. Depending on the size of your business you could have a handful of printers all with the same expenses.

We have good news for you, there are services and solutions out there to help. SumnerOne can help you boil your printing costs down to an exact cost-per-page and show you what your true cost of ownership amounts to. SumnerOne is ready to help you find the cold hard facts and figures that make-up your print environment. Contact us to learn more about our free managed print services assessment. 



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