In Case You Missed Us: Data Security on Tech Talk with KTRS

We were back at it again last week on the Guy Phillips Show for another segment of Tech Talk on KTRS. Chadd Haselhorst, one of our Tier II Engineers, joined Guy to talk about data security and different ways to ensure that your data is backed up. They even asked the million dollar question: What is the cloud?

The cloud has become a concept that we all understand, but what does it really mean? Chadd explained the cloud with a simple explanation: You're basically using someone else's computer. Your data is being stored in lots of different places, and when you need it you can access it. The cloud is essentially just the software being used to store the information.

Protecting your Personal Data

Aside from using the cloud, Chadd talked about a few ways to protect your personal data and information on the computer:

  • If you're leaving your computer, always be sure to log off and shut down your computer.
  • Back up your files and information in up to 2-3 additional places for safe keeping.
  • Always set a solid password. If cyber criminals have your email and password that's all they really need to wreak havoc.

Your computer is a lot like your house. You're not going to leave home for the day without locking the door, so why would you walk away from your computer without locking it? A home has valuable items inside for you to protect and so does your computer. We can all see the big picture here.

Check out our full video from Tech Talk last week down below. Be sure to tune in this Friday afternoon at 4:20 to hear SumnerOne on  The Big 550 KTRS! This week we will be talking about proactive steps you can take in cleaning up your computer.

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 Originally published April 26, 2018, updated February 11, 2019


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