In Case You Missed Us: Password Management with Tech Talk on KTRS

Last week on Tech Talk, our IT expert, went into detail about the importance of password management. Steve even gave a few suggestions on free websites people can use to manage their multiple passwords. Let’s be honest, we’re all guilty of having to use that “Forgot Password” option. 

Remembering your passwords is half the battle, it’s also important to make your passwords strong. Strong passwords are a great step to take in protecting your account. While it may be tedious to always meet those password requirements, it's important! So keep that in mind when you’re thinking of your new password that tells you it needs to be eight characters, upper case and lower case letters, and a symbol!

Next time you have to change your password and it’s required to meet some lengthy criteria, just remember that there are password management tools out there to help. Our expert even mentions a few paid and free options. Always remember, make your passwords difficult and to change them often.

Websites for Password Management Help

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 Originally published March 28, 2018, updated February 12, 2019


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