Life Hack: Making Communication Easy with VoIP

What is VoIP? The word is definitely fun to say, but what exactly does it mean for you and your business? VoIP is a term that refers to Voice over Internet Protocol. Still, what does that mean? This virtual phone system is also known as internet telephony, it converts voice vibrations to compressed digital signals that translate to internet protocol (IP) packets. These IP packets are then transmitted and converted into a regular telephone signal. In essence, it allows computer users and businesses to make telephone calls from a desktop computer or other connected devices that are equipped with VoIP technology. This is a valuable tool for businesses, but the other features and bonuses attached to switching to VoIP technology make the choice a no-brainer.

VoIP Increases Your Mobility

VoIP does more than let you make calls from your desktop. It also enables users to integrate software programs, such as email, e-fax, and remote conferencing! Basically, a user can talk with someone on the phone while accessing other online applications all at the same time. This eliminates those feelings of awkward silence or having to call someone back just so you can access the information you need.

The added mobility is also a great perk. This makes it possible for you to be out of the office and still make a phone call. As long as you have access to the internet, you will have access to your voice services. This way, you can meet up with a client at a coffee shop and still be connected, or even work from home for the day and stay completely in sync.

In today’s busy world, employees need mobility and flexibility. VoIP is great for users great for people who are on the move. Whether you are traveling or just headed to meeting down the street, this service is a great go-to for staying connected.

Adding Productivity to Communication

As previously mentioned, VoIP can help add to your overall productivity by allowing multitasking functions. By giving employees the capabilities to multitask, overall productivity will improve. VoIP allows users to attach documents, conduct virtual meetings, and share data via conferencing. Multi-tasking and talking has just become easier, thanks to VoIP!

VoIP is Easy to Use and Troubleshoot

VoIP installation requires little technical know-how. In fact, the easy installation process and mobility of this system offers a high advantage over traditional phones. For instance, businesses no longer require separate cabling for traditional phone lines. Since the transfer of voice to digital signals occurs using software and broadband connection  instead of hardware, it makes it easier to alter and maintain the entire system. All of these features make VoIP technology a popular choice among businesses, especially for those without computer-savvy personnel.

Is Your Business Ready for VoIP Services? 

VoIP technology combines and stores data onto one single network. This increases the manageability and productivity for businesses that need reliable communication.

If you’re interested in learning more about the ways the making the switch to VoIP services can do for your business phone system, contact SumnerOne. We want to help keep your office connected!

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Originally published March 22, 2018, updated January 31, 2019



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