Business Phone Systems (VoIP)

Ready to move forward in the way your business communicates?

SumnerOne offers fully-equipped VoIP services that are sure to help your business embrace the age of cloud-based technology. Whether you are looking to implement a new phone system for one office or multiple locations, VoIP offers a simple solution to keep your business connected. 
Choosing the best fit with new technology for your business can be a daunting task. Our experts are here to ensure that your phone system will be compatible with your office environment. Cloud-based technology offers your business the flexibility and reliability it deserves to keep things humming along.

Our Phone Systems are the right choice for business communication.



VoIP offers the same major features as a traditional office phone system without the hefty price tag. This service provides your business with the flexibility to customize a solution that will fit your exact needs and budget.


Say goodbye to the days of worrying about missed calls or other mishaps due to connectivity issues. SumnerOne's VoIP service is securely housed in a state-of-the-art data center. That means, no matter what is going on with your office connectivity, your lines of communication will remain open.


Forget being tied to your desk to answer calls. VoIP technology allows you to answer calls on the go via your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. You’ll reap the rewards of increased productivity, better communication with clients and colleagues, and added mobility during your work day.


We're sure you have questions. We're here to provide answers.

We are in the business of providing you with technology solutions that simply work. By switching to SumnerOne VoIP services, we will make staying connected easier than ever before.