Managed Voice Case Study: The Master Teacher

Educational Resource Provider | Manhattan, KS

For over 50 years, The Master Teacher has relied on communication to support their mission of making schools a better place by developing and honoring educators across the US with professional development resources.

Learn about how Managed Voice helped this educational resource provider stay connected during a time of crisis.

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The ProblemOverview


To deliver on their mission of supporting and advancing the education system, The Master Teacher relies on effective communication and collaboration with customers, content authors, and colleagues. If those lines of communication are severed, many problems arise, including loss of productivity and profit.

Three years ago, The Master Teacher transitioned to a new Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) based phone system, hoping to improve their communication with advanced features at an attractive price point. While the new phone system had some benefits, The Master Teacher's previous voice provider installed an incomplete solution—which caused issues that far outweighed those benefits.

"From the first day, we were having issues with call quality, dropped phone calls, and connectivity issues," says Jack Gagnon, Technical Support Manager at The Master Teacher. "We tried to troubleshoot to see where the issue was, but our old provider never got to any resolution." After this ordeal, Jack analyzed their phone system's performance and discovered multiple red flags.

"Over three months, the old system dropped 5% of all of our calls. We compared the number of calls dropped with the average sales number associated with a phone call, we were looking at some big misses."

- Jack Gagnon - Technical Support Manager, The Master Teacher

After counting their losses, The Master Teacher decided to search for an alternative voice solution with consistent connectivity at an affordable price point. Based on previous conversations, Jack knew that SumnerOne had the phone system that The Master Teacher needed.


Chapter Solution

The Solution

SumnerOne Managed Voice

The connectivity issues are now gone thanks to the SumnerOne’s Network Engineered Approach, which includes the use of a session border controller (SBC) installed on their new cloud-based Hosted PBX phone system.

The SBC manages the traffic shaping and packet prioritization over the existing internet connection, ensuring the highest quality connection, and fewer dropped calls.

The new Managed Voice Hosted PBX system also provides The Master Teacher with other benefits, including:



With the UC-One collaboration app included with Managed Voice, The Master Teacher employees can easily see their colleague's availability status from multiple devices.


Increased Mobility

The SumnerOne Managed Voice solution allows for easy access to calls, voicemail, instant messaging, and more from any device—all with one phone number.


White-glove Service and Support

By partnering with SumnerOne, The Master Teacher now has access to a team of US-based voice experts who provide the highest level of customer service.


Less Internal Troubleshooting

The Master Teacher’s internal IT support team now spends less time fixing voice issues on their network, freeing up time to focus on more complex projects.


Chapter Results

The Results

Seamless Remote Work

After deciding on SumnerOne Managed Voice for their next phone system in February 2020, The Master Teacher knew they needed to install a new system as quickly as possible to regain lost profits. SumnerOne and The Master Teacher worked together over the next five weeks to ensure a swift and complete installation, all with SumnerOne's white-glove approach. In the middle of March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the world, forcing US businesses to transition non-essential employees to remote work.

Nikki Warnick, CEO of The Master Teacher, is happy her team and SumnerOne were able to get the solution in place so quickly.

"I don't think The Master Teacher would've been ready for remote work if we didn't make the decision when we did. We would've been in dire straits if we were on the other phone system. I don't know if it would have the capabilities to handle the remote work like we are doing now."

- Nikki Warnick - CEO, The Master Teacher

60% of The Master Teacher employees are working remotely now during the COVID-19 social distancing period without negatively affecting operations. In fact, with the changes in the school system, more educators have more time to dedicate towards professional development, and The Master Teacher is ready to offer their support.


Chapter Conclusion


SumnerOne is your trusted partner in voice technology.


If you are having issues with your current phone system, our experts are here to help. Contact us today to find out how Managed Voice can help small and medium-size businesses with unified communications.

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