5 Benefits of Switching to VoIP Services

Without a doubt, your business needs reliable phone access. Whether your day involves being behind a computer or sitting on conference calls, you need a reliable service that helps you stay connected. Older phone systems were not always as reliable, they were expensive, and they didn’t offer  mobility. Here is where Voice over IP or VoIP comes to the rescue.

By switching to VoIP services you can transform the way your business communicates inside and outside of the office. So what is VoIP and what are the benefits? Well, that’s easy:

VoIP: Staying Connected 

If you’re connected to the internet, you will have access to your calls. With VoIP services, you can answer your important calls on a phone, computer, or tablet. VoIP offers great mobility and connectivity.

Service Reliability 

Most platforms are housed in an external data center, which means your calls can always be answered. If your office location is having equipment issues or your area is experiencing service outages, you will still be connected to your calls.

Affordable Business Phone Service

VoIP services offer all of the same great features of a business phone system, minus the big price tag. Businesses that have this service implemented in their offices have the added flexibility to adjust their service needs to meet their budget.

VoIP Keeps Up With Your Needs

If you or your employees are regularly on-the-go or traveling, VoIP services can be extremely beneficial. As long as you have a connection to the internet and you are set up with service, you can make calls from anywhere at any time.

Simple and Easy Installation 

What you do for your business is important. It's important that you have the ability to continue your job, and not have to worry about things like your phone system. Once you have implemented VoIP services for your business, your service provider will do their job and handle the support and maintenance of your service.

As the benefits of VoIP continue to grow, SMBs are moving towards using VoIP services and seeing the impact that it is making on their business. VoIP is a great tool for the business world, it’s affordable, improves productivity, and allows for seamless communication.

Whether you’re looking to pick up the phone and call or jump on a video conference, getting in touch with someone should be easy. That’s why your business deserves a collaboration tool that can do it all. UC-One lets you call, message, or meet with anyone from any device. SumnerOne is ready to help your business transform the way you get things done. Contact us or download our e-book to learn more about a Unified Communications solution like UC-One.

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Officially published December 13, 2017, updated January 10, 2019


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