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Tech Talk presented by SumnerOne airs every Friday afternoon at 4:20 on The Big 550 KTRS during the Guy Phillips Show! Each week a member of our IT Department joins the show to share their knowledge on a different topic related to cyber security, technology breaches, and online safety tips. 

Each week after Tech Talk, we generate a blog recap complete with the full video from the segment. This is your one resource where you can stay up-to-date on everything that has happened in the Tech Talk segments of the past, present, and future! Click any of the links below to access the video and blog. Thanks for tuning in, be sure to vote in our poll down below for future topics!

Week 37: Technology Stocking Stuffers

 Week 36: Protecting your Kids Online

Week 35: Cyber Monday Security Tips

Week 35: Personal Data Backup

Week 34: Scary Cyber Security

Week 33: Personal Data Security 

Week 32: Disaster Recovery and Document Storage

Week 31: Email Security

Week 30: Polymorphic Ransomware

Week 29: Securing your Smart Home

Week 28: Two-Factor Authentication

Week 27: Blockchain 

Week 26: Bitcoin

Week 25: End-User Education

Week 24: SMiShing

Week 23: Faxploit

Week 22: Website Security

Week 21: Machine Learning

Week 20: Malicious Apps

Week 19: Webcam Security

Week 18: Firewalls

Week 17: Disaster Recovery 

Week 16: Dangers of Public WiFi

Week 15: BYOD Office Policies

Week 14: Update Your Software Licensing

Week 13: VoIP Technology

Week 12: Dangers of the Dark Web

Week 11: Secure your Printers

Week 10: Backup your Data

Week 9: Dangers of Ransomware

Week 8: Cyber Security Dangers

Week 7: Computer Clean Up

Week 6: Data Security

Week 5: Critical Consumer

Week 4: Catching Online Scams

Week 3: Phishing Emails

Week 2: Password Management Tips

 Week 1: Welcome to Tech Talk


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