How SumnerOne Celebrates Earth Day With PrintReleaf

Each day at work we do things that impact the environment. Whether it's driving your car to the office, making multiple copies, or not recycling that soda can at lunch. Your actions make an impact. At SumnerOne, we may not be able to enforce an office-wide recycling initiative for you, however, we do have a solution for helping the environment through your printing habits. This solution is something that we like to call: PrintReleaf.

What is PrintReleaf?

The average employee prints an estimated 10,000 sheets of paper each year. So, how many pages can be made out of one tree? 8,333 pages to be exact. That means that statistically, each employee is responsible for printing more than one tree's worth of paper each year. Think about that for a minute. How many employees are in your office and how many trees does your office consume? What if there was a way to neutralize your carbon footprint in terms of your office's paper consumption? That's where SumnerOne and PrintReleaf come in.




How SumnerOne Does PrintReleaf

Each and every new printer or copier SumnerOne installs under your contract, comes backed by the power of PrintReleaf. We utilize a system that measures the paper consumption of your business and then calculates the impact that you had on deforestation. Once those numbers are crunched, your paper footprint is reforested at a planting site of your choice!

 Because of this program, new trees are being planted all across the globe! When you choose to work with SumnerOne, you're already enrolled in the program. PrintReleaf is the only technology platform that measures a company's paper usage and then compensates for it through reforestation projects. Since we adopted this program in 2015, SumnerOne and our customers have helped to contribute close to 40,000 trees to reforestation efforts.

Printing with SumnerOne

If you're interested in learning more about PrintReleaf, click below to watch a video of their process and mission. SumnerOne is always looking for more ways that we can make your office environment better. Contact us to learn more about how we can protect the planet together. Happy Earth Day from your friends at SumnerOne!


Access the PrintReleaf Video

 Originally published April 20, 2018, updated April 22, 2019


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