The World’s Oldest Technology

Printing is an inevitable part of operating any business. From business development to invoicing there’s paper involved. And it’s a technology that is more than 2000 years old. Our print managers know a lot about optimizing the cost of business printing. But they know a few other fun facts as well.

Printing and the many components that go along with printing have been around way longer than most would think. Technology is always evolving and we are always finding new ways to make our professional lives more efficient. Keeping that in mind, who knows what kinds of different technologies will be around in the years and centuries to come. 

Will the people of the future look back at us and wonder how we ever made it by with the things we believe to be cutting-edge technology? Will services like managed print, VoIP, and electronic content management all be things of the past? Only time will tell. 

What kinds of technology do you think the people of the future will have 100 years from now?

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Originally published March 1, 2017, updated August 6, 2018


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