Getting Smart About Cyber Security

Your data is your company’s most important asset. From your client contact list to the proprietary information that makes each business unique and successful. So protecting your systems and your data is top of mind for business owners large and small.


How much do you know about the protection plan your business has in place? 

No matter how safe you think that your business may be from a cyber attack, think again. Cyber criminals are rapidly evolving to find new tricks and hacks to sneak their way in to your valuable data. 

Take a few tips from our IT Experts on how to think about cyber security in the workplace:

  • Mandatory password changes at least every three months.
  • Complex password requirements – at least 8 characters including one capital letter, one number and one symbol and …
  • Multi-factor authentication protocols.
  • SSO for external web-based applications that you need to run your business.
  • Implementation maintenance of firewall security for your internet connections.
  • A mobile device access and action plan if you permit mobile access to your platforms.

Interested in learning more about the different ways you can protect your business from a cyber attack? Look no further, click below to request a SumnerOne security assessment.  We want to help keep you and your business safe. 


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Originally published March 8, 2017, updated August 14, 2018


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