So, Where’s Your Data?

According to research by PricewaterhouseCoopers, knowledge workers spend up to half their time looking for information. Looking for information eats up productivity, especially when you consider that the amount of data created by businesses increases by more than 65 percent every year. That’s a lot to keep track of.
Where does your company keep data? 

It's critical to know how to get information when you need it. That information could be online, on paper, in a cabinet or on a hard drive. Knowing how to get to it and making sure it’s available is critical. It’s estimated that every misfiled document costs businesses $125, a lost document costs three to five times more. Employee turnover and growth can compound the problem if there aren’t good protocols in place.

Have you considered moving to an electronic content management solution? Imagine the easy feeling you will feel knowing that all of your important data is safely stored. Sounds nice, right? 

That can be a reality when you choose to work with SumnerOne. Our electronic content management solutions will have you feeling secure and efficient in no time at all. Contact us for more information about how we can help your business keep track of your data. 


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Originally published March 15, 2017, updated October 3, 2018


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