Reams and Quires, Oh My!


 You probably know what a ream is. It’s that bundle of paper you have to unwrap every time the copier tray needs a reload. It is a unit of measurement in the world of paper. A ream is 500 pieces of paper of the same weight and size.

But there are a lot of fun terms to explore in the world of printing and paper. For example, a quire (sounds like choir, but there’s no need to sing) is one twentieth of a ream. Or, 25 pieces of paper of the same weight and size. So there are 20 quires in a ream.

It's always good to be knowledgeable about the printing supplies that your business is using on a day-to-day basis. But what if there was a way to have all of this managed for you so you never had to worry about your stock, say hello to Managed Print Services! A managed service that handles all of your printing needs for you!

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Originally published March 22, 2017, updated October 26, 2018


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