Welcome to the One Place Where Everything Works: SumnerOne

We’ve been around for 62 years for one reason and one reason, only: the thing we really care about is you, our customer.  We don’t think of ourselves as a copier dealer, and two decades ago, we didn’t think of ourselves as a mimeograph vendor. We have survived and thrived in our industry because we are a service organization, one that is always trying to figure out how we make your life easier at work. 

Back in the 1980’s, one of our family companies launched a radio jingle with the catchy tagline: “Copying Concepts. We keep things humming.”  Back then, the noise a big copier made in the corner of your office was pretty familiar and when the thing had a paper jam. So was the noise of one of your colleagues possibly cursing and giving it a swift kick! We developed a guarantee then that allowed you to count on the fastest and most reliable service in our industry and we have held up that promise through today. 

But, to keep things humming today involves a lot more than opening up the mechanical guts of a copier. Today, we service a whole, connectivity-enabled infrastructure that is the modern workplace. We understand that a document is no longer a piece of 8 ½ x 11 inch paper: it is an idea, a promotion, a key piece of a process, or a problem that you’re solving for your customers. It may be printed, scanned, shared, saved to the cloud, or digitally signed.  We have expanded our services to encompass the “multi-function” requirements of an office technology solutions partner, from multifunction devices, to productivity software, to IT services that support your entire infrastructure. 

As our workplaces have grown more connected and complex, our teams at SumnerOne have embraced the challenge: we want to be the one place where everything works, which means taking the complexity away so that you and your colleagues can focus on what’s important. Our service organization is an ambitious and always-learning bunch: they maintain the highest service metrics in the business, like a 96.91 Net Promoter Score 

There’s one other thing that’s changing quickly about our world and our office environment, and you hear it all the time: virtualization, globalization. We are proud of our ability to grow with you to tackle the challenges that these trends bring, like living in an always-on, everything-connected environment. But, we are probably most proud of being your local partner, a place you can call and talk to someone you know, not a robo-answering service or a call center halfway around the world. Our people all live in Missouri, Illinois, Kansas and Arkansas and they are all proud of being part of your hometown.  

We love being out there in our communities, partnering with other local companies and non-profits to make our hometowns better places to live.  Our people are on the sidelines of little league games with you, and they swing rally towels in the major league stadiums.  We are delighted to partner with the St. Louis Cardinals to make sure that the Cards never lose a minute thinking about whether their Redbird red is going to come out right!  

We look forward to being your go-to partner in the workplace, the people that keep everything functioning, humming, and always up-and-running for you. 

If you ever have a question about anything related to the services we provide, we’d love to hear from you.  

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Originally published March 27, 2017, updated August 7, 2018


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