Introducing SumnerOne


If you read our Welcome, you know that we’re out to prove that we are the one place where everything works.  We have always known that our people can get the job done for our customers as they consult on, design, install and service our technology solutions.  But, something didn’t quite ring true in our promise: the one place? ONE? 

We Are SumnerOne

As a company, we’ve grown both organically and through acquisitions over the past sixty years.  Our focus has always been on our local customers and we didn’t much care whether those customers knew us as Copying Concepts or Unisource Document Products, as long as they were getting great service.  Behind the scenes, ideas and practices have always been shared among our family of companies to make sure that our customers got access to the best solutions. 

Still, as we’ve added more to our portfolio to answer our customers’ needs, we know that the sum-of-all-our-parts makes for a stronger, more responsive partner. Our family of companies is visibly uniting under the SumnerOne banner to demonstrate our commitment to doing more for you, a ONE stop shop, like taking the load off of managing your own IT infrastructure. 

More responsive you say?  Isn’t consolidating into SumnerOne a recipe for less agility?  

First of all, we’re not consolidating and sending people off with pink slips instead of paychecks!  Coming together under SumnerOne is about delivering clear, comprehensive, end-to-end solutions to you, and while we’re doing that, looking for inefficiencies in our own backoffices and broom closets that might prevent us from bringing you the most value.  

Who is part of SumnerOne? 

You can check out the map on our homepage to see our locations and meet the family.  Up to this year, we had an operating footprint in St. Louis, Kansas City, Columbia, and St. Joseph, MO as well as Highland, IL.  Our company has started to grow again, and we’ve recently added two new companies to SumnerOne.

Will I be connecting to SumnerOne if I already work with one of your locations? 

The people you have gotten to know are not changing. Your day-to-day business needs will continue to be served by those local teams.  The things you’ll see coming out of SumnerOne will have a purpose of sharing the bigger picture with you, like updates and local events, and our latest ideas on how to tackle anything from printer tweaks to productivity problems in your workplace. 

Day-to-day, SumnerOne is going to be a digital resource for you, while your teams on the ground stay the same.  This blog will be a source of our best thinking on how to get the most out of your office technology investments. Our IT Managed Services group is going to be posting materials on our blog on subjects like Cybersecurity Tips for a Small to Medium Sized Business (SMB). Our goal is to be relevant to our customers, SMBs in particular, on complex subjects where information that can be had online is often geared to Fortune 500 companies. 

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Originally published March 27, 2017, updated October 9, 2018


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