What's Behind the Snazzy New Look, SumnerOne?

You know those makeover shows where someone’s inner beauty is revealed with just a wardrobe upgrade and a bit of makeup? And, despite the fact that their friends and family loved them just the way they were, no one was sad to see the “old look” condemned to the garbage pile?  

SumnerOne's Updated Look

Well, SumnerOne just went through that kind of makeover. Our customer satisfaction metrics, like a 96.91 Net Promoter Score (translation: our customers love us just the way we are), told us that we didn’t need to change. But the wardrobe and the makeup (translation: our website and our logos)? They were kind of like wearing leg warmers to the gym these days. 

So, we enlisted some help in the form of a great local partner who helped reveal our inner beauty.  The new SumnerOne website unites our family of companies with a cohesive look and feel, while still allowing for individual expression (but no leg warmers).  Our new SumnerOne logo, something that’s already sparked internal creativity, can be seen as a flagship, fun way to identify SumnerOne businesses.

Be sure to check out our updated website for improved features and information about SumnerOne. We're excited to be making the transition to SumnerOne and we hope you are too! For more information, please reach out. We love talking about our new website and updated look!

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Originally published March 27, 2017, updated April 1, 2019


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