3 Reasons to Move to a Document Management Solution

 Small and medium businesses see a lot of value when moving to managed document solutions, but it takes a little digging. We find the top benefits to our clients who adopt electronic content management (ECM) fall into three categories access, monitoring and processing all of that critical data. Some examples include:

MANAGE DEVICES – Employees are more mobile, and producing work product from more devices than ever. ECM helps keep them coordinated and connected so that teams can access the needed information and documents anytime, anywhere.

SIMPLIFY WORKFLOWS – Process efficiency is the name of the game and workflow training along with shifting basic documentation functions to an automated solution helps keep employees focused on the work at hand.

A FOCUSED IT TEAM – With managed content, the pressure on your IT teams can be reduced allowing them to focus on your network, while your ECM team manages access to and processing of your work product(s).

SumnerOne has the right tools and team to help make your transition to ECM as smooth as possible. We want to help your business to maximize its efficiencies, through technology solutions like ECM, we can help make that possible. Contact SumnerOne today! 

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Originally published June 28, 2017, updated October 25, 2018


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