7 Questions to Ask About Your Network Security

Many St. Louis businesses have sought the assistance of Managed Services professionals for their network security, and for a good reason. Securing your network and educating your employees are two critical components of maintaining your security. There are a lot of scary things that can happen to your data and network, the time has come to assess your own network. 

Ask These Questions About Network Security

Start by asking some questions for an honest assessment of your current situation.

  1. Have you trained your employees?

    Even with the best security procedures in place, everything can come crashing down around you with just one employee error. Reduce your chances of an employee-initiated security breach by establishing policies and providing training on a regular basis. Teach your employees to be critical consumers when it comes to internet safety and email scams. 
  2. Are your devices clean?

    Keep your devices clean by staying on top of antivirus and software updates. Cleaning up your device is a great way to stay on top of security issues and to get things more organized. 
  3. Do you have a BYOD policy?

    Even if you haven’t encouraged the BYOD trend, chances are your employees are already using their mobile devices for at least some of their work. Deal with it proactively by requiring password protection, data encryption, and data wiping in the event of theft or loss.
  4. Do you backup all data regularly?

    Choose automatic data backups to stay current, and don’t store copies onsite. Managed IT Services can provide the offsite data storage you need to mitigate risk. We all think that data disasters will never happen to our business, but it's always better to be safe than sorry. 
  5. Do you limit who can access your data?

    Internal security breaches can become a problem without the proper access controls in place. Secure sensitive information by restricting access.
  6. Do you allow employees to install software?

    Well-meaning employees may install software to do their jobs better, but all such installations should go through IT first.
  7. Do you require passwords?

    While most organizations require employees to use passwords, the passwords themselves can become a problem. Require employees to use strong passwords, make regular changes, and use multiple authentications to access your network and devices.

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