Disaster Recovery- Is Your Company Prepared for the Worst?

Did you know that more than half of businesses still rely on paper documents for their daily processes? Did you also know that a third of small to medium businesses have been negatively impacted by a natural disaster like a storm or other extreme weather-related event? But what if we told you that disaster recovery could be the answer to this scary problem! 

Data Disasters Are Real

For those companies relying on paper-heavy processes, it can be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to completely recover after a natural disaster.

But what about companies who’ve replaced paper with digital processes? Unfortunately, many don’t have a backup and recovery plan in place, which is largely why 25% of SMBs have no choice but to close their doors forever following a natural disaster.

Fortunately for you, a disaster, natural or otherwise, doesn’t need to be the end of your business. Read on to discover how disaster recovery is one of the most sought after benefits of Managed IT Services.

Creating A Disaster Recovery Plan

One of the most attractive benefits of Managed IT Services is protection from the unthinkable. If losing all of your information would spell disaster for your organization, it makes sense to prepare now for the worst.

Businesses with a disaster recovery plan can expect to regain their footing within a reasonable time. Data backup and recovery is a key component of a robust business continuity plan in the event of natural disaster. Consider these critical questions:

  • What data will your staff members need to access immediately following a disaster? Will they be able to get to it easily?
  • What is your objective for recovery time? Do you need to access your data within a day or so, or will your clients need to hear from you within a few hours?
  • Have you thoroughly trained your staff on your plan of action following a natural disaster or digital disruption?

For more information about disaster recovery and other benefits of Managed IT Services, contact us at SumnerOne today!

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Originally published January 3, 2017, updated August 7, 2018


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