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Offices across the country are adopting Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) policies for employees. As new technologies have invaded the office space, new policies were sure to follow! Last week on Tech Talk with The Big 550 KTRS our Systems Administrator, Bryan Montgomery, joined the Guy Phillips Show to share his two-cents about BYOD policies in the modern work place.

What does BYOD mean?

As mentioned above, the name is simply as it implies. Offices are beginning to allow employees to bring their own electronic devices from home to do company work. Ultimately, if you own it and you bring it to work, it's a BYOD device. Guy Phillips even mentioned that he has one too. Guy affectionately refers to his personal laptop by his side as his, "$900 paper weight." What a comedian!


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Pro's & Con's of BYOD Offices

Pro: The ability to let employees work from their own devices promotes a sense of comfort to the employees. Working from a device you're familiar with always makes things a little easier when it comes to working out kinks and improving productivity.

Con: Working on a device that you own likely means that you keep personal and sensitive information stored there too. The most important thing to consider before employees bring in their own devices, is to have a plan in motion for how you can keep corporate data separate from private data.

The good news though, is that through mobile device management it's possible to keep this information separate. In the event of an employee termination, a lost or stolen personal device, or just for general privacy, employees and business owners can rest easy by using mobile device management software. SumnerOne can even help businesses to achieve the results they are wanting to get through BYOD and mobile device management.

Data Fees Add Up 

Bryan brought up another valid point, some states are now having to create laws that will hold either the employee or workplace accountable for additional data fees associated with the devices. These laws can vary by the state, so before implementing this policy in your office, be sure to do your homework. BYOD is growing rapidly and the laws are trying to play catch-up to protect both business owners and employees.

That's your weekly Tech Talk recap! Be sure to tune in this Friday afternoon at 4:20 to hear us live from The Big 550 KTRS. As always, check out our full video down below and check out our Tech Talk page, it's updated weekly with the latest information. Interested in learning more about SumnerOne and what makes us Tech Experts? Give us a call.

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Originally published June 28, 2018, updated February 11, 2019


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