Your Office Copiers: Why Quality Matters

Each time you need new office equipment for your organization, you're faced with a decision: Should we contact an authorized dealer and do some research before making a purchase, or should we take the easy route and grab something from the closest big-box discount or office supply store?

Learn from the experience of those who have gone the route of purchasing a printer or copier from the latter—that so-called easy route isn't so great after all.

Making Quality Business Decisions

As with most things in life, it pays to do a little research before making a big decision. Here are three reasons why those consumer grade copiers aren't such a good idea for your most businesses.

1. Supply Costs
Ironically, the lower the cost of the device, the higher the cost of supplies. As if that weren't enough to make you crazy, low-end copiers go through ink cartridges at alarming rates. Trying to conserve doesn't help; low-end copiers and printers that don't get enough use often require expensive repairs or parts replacement before they're back online.

2. Frequent Downtimes
Consumer grade equipment is not designed to deal with business volumes. We probably don't need to tell you how bad this can be for your business, but here's a look at the big picture:

  • Employee frustration: Let's face it. Everyone hates it when the office copiers are down. Employees appreciate access to quality copiers and printers that help them do their job.
  • Interrupted workflows. While it's never good to frustrate your employees, it's even worse to make your clients wait. Saving a few bucks on low-end copiers isn't worth missing critical deadlines.

3. High Repair Costs
Even if you could keep up with the repairs required to keep a consumer grade copier functioning, it's doubtful you'd want to try. The cost of parts and repairs would soon outstrip the cost to buy a new device.

For professional copiers and printers from industry-leading technology partners, contact  SumnerOne today! We'll guide you through the process of purchasing a copier that fits your business needs easily and painlessly.

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Originally published November 14, 2016, updated August 8, 2018


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