Say Goodbye to Wasteful Printing Habits

Your employees don't mean to destroy your bottom line every time they print another color-happy web page, but that's the outcome just the same. To call a halt to unnecessary color printing and other revenue-draining print habits, read our must-have list of easy fixes.

High Price of Office Printing Habits

You've got a lot on your plate as a  business owner or office manager. Managing your print infrastructure may feel like a waste of time, but for many organizations, wasteful printing habits add up to some serious losses. Without proactive print management, printing can cost your business as much as 1-3% of annual revenues. With percentages like that, it makes sense to take a closer look at your print environment.

A Proactive Approach to Printing

It's not enough to send a memo or deliver the occasional pep talk. Your employees are as focused on their work as you are, and printing is just a means to an end. To help them reign in printing costs, take advantage of tools designed to make the process automatic.

  1. Default to black and white. It's easier to eliminate color printing when the choice just isn't there. Set your printers to default to monochrome, and you're done. Boom.
  2. Move out the color. Not all of the color—that Monet in the break room is pretty amazing—we're talking about that color printer in the hallway. If there's no practical application for color printing within some departments, locate the printer near the employees that require it for their jobs, and make it off-limits to everyone else.
  3. Consider professional print management. Many Missouri businesses have discovered a successful method for reducing their print spend by as much as 30%. By outsourcing your print environment to Managed Print Services, wasteful printing will soon become a problem you can't forget about entirely.
    We'd be happy to tell you more about the money-saving benefits of print management.

To learn more about how managed print services can help your budget, give SumnerOne a call. We're here and ready to help you to find a solution that is right for you. 


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Originally published November 16, 2016, updated August 3, 2018


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