10 Questions to Ask Before You Purchase or Lease a Copier

Let's say you're a business owner considering whether you should purchase or lease your next copier for your office. It's a big decision with a lot of contributing factors, and as a smart business owner, it's good to be informed. There are several questions that you will need to ask when the time comes to decide, and that's where we come in.

To help you find the right path, technology consultants are trained to help their clients determine the best path and also to explain in simple terms the impacts of each of these questions.

10 easy questions that you should find out before you decide to lease a copier or purchase:

  • Which advantages should I look for when I start investigating whether I should be leasing or purchasing a copier
  • What options will I be given when I choose a vendor for leasing or purchasing?
  • Is the leasing company local and who will manage my lease once it is executed? 
  • What is the return on investment or how long can I expect this investment to last?
  • When I choose to lease a copier, are there any hidden costs?
  • What are those hidden costs and how much can they equate to at the end of the term? 
  • If I lease, what is my end of term obligation? 
  • What security risks are associated if I decide to purchase the copier?
  • Are there any other ways I can get the same equipment? 

Leasing or Purchasing Office Technology

These questions should help in narrowing down your decision to best fit your business needs. If the representative from the vendor you are interviewing can’t answer these questions then it may be a telling story of their knowledge or the practices their company exercises. In certain cases, the technology or application need outweighs the cost-benefit of one option as well. It goes without saying; it might be a lot easier to communicate with one company over the other on this topic and it may be a telling sign of who to do business with too.

If you have questions or concerns about whether leasing or purchasing may be right for your business, contact SumnerOne. Conveniently, we have offices located all across the Midwest, click below to find one of our offices closest to you. Our experts are here and ready to guide you through the process of making the right decision for your business.

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Originally published May 22, 2018, updated December 14, 2018


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