4 Ways Managed Print Services is Like Managing a Vehicle

You might find yourself wondering, "What do printers and cars have in common?" The answer is easy. Simply put, to keep it running smoothly, it requires regular maintenance. Over the course of its lifetime those associated costs can add up. One area that they are different, however, is that with a car there isn't a way to bundle all those associated costs together. This is where Managed Print Services (MPS) comes into play for your printers. So, let's begin to break down those similarities and put managed print services into a scenario that every driver can relate to.

Investing in a Printer (Car)

Purchasing or leasing a printer is an investment, just like buying a car. It's an investment that you want to do your research on before you take the plunge. Whether it's a small printer or large MFP, it's also something that you have to consider may end up costing you a large amount of money over time. Not only do you have to the initial cost of the equipment, you also have to buy toner, parts and pay labor fees for maintenance, just like the oil, filters and tires on a car!

Consumable Supplies & Maintenance (Oil Changes & New Tires)

A car can't move without tires and regular oil changes and a printer won't print without toner and well-oiled gears. See what we're getting at there? Like a car, a printer must have supplies to effectively do its job. Much like the saying "when the rubber hits the road," your printer can't print unless the toner is imprinted on the page. We all wish that there was a way to spend less time and money on maintaining our vehicles. However, there is a way to do this for your printers and MFPs with MPS. Managed Print Services will help you understand and reduce printing costs so you know exactly what you're spending in a given month or year for your equipment. SumnerOne even offers auto toner fulfillment which will reduce the time needed to order more supplies so you can get back to doing what you do best!

Machine Services (Check Engine Light)

Your check engine light and an error with your machine mean the same thing: it's time for a service call! Much like fixing your car, you'll have to buy parts and pay for labor. But with managed print services, labor, parts, and consumables are already included. This also means that there is a high chance of less downtime when an issue arises because you already have someone looking out for the best interest of your printer. The next time your machine starts acting funny, you'll have nothing to fear because you've got back up! With MPS, there's no reason to feel that sense of dread and misery when it comes to fixing your printer. We'll leave that up to your check engine light.

Managed Print Services - All Encompassing

Implementing a service like managed print is like taking your printer on an all-inclusive vacation. Everything that you need to keep things running along for your printer is there. MPS can get you an exact price right down to your cost-per-page so you can make the informed decision about where your business can improve. Using a service like this is your best bet at saving time and money when it comes to printing. If only there was something like this for cars, suppose there is hope for the future!

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Originally published June 5, 2018, updated April 1, 2019


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