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As Guy Phillips mentioned, Memorial Day is a time to remember those who fought for our freedom and paid the ultimate price. SumnerOne is one of the largest veteran-owned businesses in the Greater St. Louis area and we are honored to remember those men and women who have courageously fought for this great country. Last week on Tech Talk for your Memorial Day weekend drive home, we came prepared to talk about Print Security on The Big 550 KTRS.

We've mentioned in the past that you need security on your copiers. But don't think for one second that your printers are an exception. Our IT expert, Jeff Groby, reminded us that we live in a world where technology is always changing and just about every device needs security. Jeff explained what print security is and how you can ensure the safety of your devices moving forward.

Physical Printer Security

Printers are a key device in just about every office. With that being said, do you know where your business printers are located? If the answer is somewhere that is accessible to the public, you may want to start rethinking the location. Printers have access to your network and have a memory of everything that they have printed. Leaving a printer open to vulnerabilities is almost like having an unsecured computer sitting in your lobby.

Protecting Your Printer

The good news is that there are steps you can take to safeguard your printers. It can be as simple as setting a strong password for your printer or making sure that you are always using a secured printer. Not having a secured printer is a lot like leaving your front door open when you leave your home. Once a cyber criminal has gained access to your printer, they have their hooks into everything.

Disposing of Broken Printers

Did you know that another good time to be wary about the security of your printer is when it's time to dispose of it? Printers store a lot of information. Before you decide to send your printer or copier to the junk heap, remember that once it leaves your office, you no longer control who has access to the information it contains. It's always a good idea to ask your vendor what will happen to the hard drive of your device and what your options are for making sure that data is erased. Reputable dealers will have a policy in place to erase the hard drive or have an option for allowing you to remove the hard drive.

Jeff's best advice was to make sure your printers are buttoned down and secure. An unsecured printer is a cyber criminal's paradise, and that is something that all businesses want to stay away from. Printer security is important for businesses of all sizes, and SumnerOne has the resources and knowledge to help you to stay protected.

In Case You Missed It: Tech Talk Updates

We hope you enjoyed the latest rendition of Tech Talk, we will be back again on the Guy Phillips Show on KTRS this Friday afternoon at 4:20. Listen online or on air at 550AM. For more information about Tech Talk and SumnerOne, check out the link below.



Originally published May 30, 2018, updated February 12, 2019


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