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Are you satisfied with the toner yield from your printers? If your page yield volumes are significantly less than the number provided by the cartridge manufacturer, you'd probably like to understand why. Read on to discover the science behind the numbers, and what you can do to improve your yield.

What Toner Numbers Really Mean

Your print cartridge manufacturer generates yield numbers much in the same way your car's manufacturer comes up with miles per gallon. The conditions for both are optimal and not necessarily real-life depictions of how we drive our cars or use our printers. Another factor is that no two drivers or two businesses are the same.

Manufacturers base cartridge yield numbers on 5% coverage. Simply put, if all of the material on a printed page could be blended into one area, it would cover 5% of the paper. The average printed document falls into this category, but when graphics are added, the number is closer to 15% coverage. This is why page yield fluctuates so drastically; it's impossible for manufacturers to predict just how you're going to use your printers.

Saving Money with Printing

Many businesses aren't sure how much they spend on printing, let alone their typical print volumes and toner yield. Surprisingly, the average business spends up to 3% of annual revenues on printing. If you'd like to see that number reduced in your  office, you'll want to give Managed Print Services a try. A print assessment can deliver metrics like print volume, toner yield, and your current cost per page. Here are a few more benefits:

  • Improved efficiency across your organization.
  • Savings of up to 30% or more.
  • Expert maintenance and troubleshooting for all of your printers.
  • Fewer downtimes.
  • Enhanced environmental sustainability.

To learn more ways Managed Print Services can help your office reduce costs and improve productivity, contact us at SumnerOne today!

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Originally published October 28, 2016, updated December 14, 2018


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