Managed Print Goes Beyond Saving Money

Many small to medium businesses are aware that Managed Print can help reduce printing costs—often by as much as 30%. But Managed Print offers some advantages that go beyond saving money. Here are just three.

3 Advantages of Managed Print Services

Not sure what Managed Print Services can do for your business? Here are three benefits you may not have considered.

1. Make Better Use of Employee Time

The last time one of your printers experienced downtime, what happened next? Did your Missouri office manager spend an hour or two peering into the printer's inner workings? Or perhaps your company is fortunate enough to have an internal IT person or even an entire team. If so, they may be your office go-to for printer problems. No matter the scenario, was the time well spent? Or is it likely your staff has other projects on their plate? Managed Print Services takes printer-related issues off your staff's already full to-do list. Even better, their industry-trained technicians can get your printers and copiers back online in no time at all.

2. Make Better Use of Your Financial Resources

With Managed Print Services, ad-hoc purchasing for consumables and parts is no longer an issue. One source for all printer-related purchases means you'll get:

  • Automatic reordering of supplies when volumes get low.
  • The assurance that all supplies are top quality and perfect for your devices.
  • One monthly invoice for all print-related expenditures.
  • One vendor to call for all purchases related to your print environment.

3. Make Better Choices for the Environment

Managed Print Services can help your Missouri organization make environmentally friendly choices to reduce waste.

  • Take full advantage of built-in features on your multifunction printers to reduce toner and paper waste.
  • Learn how to route documents directly to electronic workflows to avoid unnecessary printing.
  • Fleet right-sizing eliminates redundant or outdated devices that aren't contributing to your workflows.

At SumnerOne, we are in the business of helping your business. Our goal is to provide you with the best services and solutions to have your business running as smoothly as possible. We're more than just a company that sells office technology, we want to help you find the services and solutions that will best fit your unique needs. Contact us, we're ready to help. 

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Originally published October 20, 206, updated December 14, 2018


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