The Role of High-Quality Print Materials in Student Achievement

high-quality instructional materials from the best printers for schools

In a world where iPads, learning management software, and other digital tools offer interactive and accessible educational experiences, the tangible feel of high-quality printed materials retains a unique value. From kindergarten classrooms to university lecture halls, these physical resources continue to play a crucial role in effective teaching and learning. Because of this, high-quality printers for schools are vital tools in delivering superior educational experiences and facilitating optimal learning.

Forward-thinking educational leaders—school principals, college deans, district administrators, etc.—advocate using high-quality print resources alongside digital tools like iPads and learning platforms to enhance student outcomes significantly. This strategy combines the best of both worlds to cater to diverse learning preferences and needs.

What High-Quality Printing For Schools Means

What exactly makes print material "high-quality" for schools and students? It’s not just about using thicker paper or glossier finishes. True quality in educational print materials means the text is clear and readable, the graphics are sharp and accurate, and the material is robust enough to handle a semester’s worth of backpack travel. The best printers for schools produce learning resources that intelligibly convey content that enriches and engages students.

Research has demonstrated that high-quality instructional materials (or HQIM) reduce the burden on educators and dramatically improve learning outcomes. In addition, HQIM also significantly affects how teachers deliver instruction, leading to better outcomes for both learners and teachers. The Oregon Department of Education also reported that HQIM can produce as good or even better learning outcomes than other interventions that are typically more expensive.

High-quality books not only help improve test scores but may also boost students' enthusiasm for reading. On top of that, the tangible feel and immersive graphics in books can also help students connect with the stories and concepts on a deeper level.

Benefits of Using High-Quality Printers For Schools

Superior tools create superior products: in this case, the best printers for schools can produce the best learning resources for students, whichever level they are in:

  • Early Education

    Engagement is vital for young children. Preschoolers who were read stories from high-quality illustrated books were likelier to remember those stories than kids who were told stories without visual aids. High-quality print materials that are visually and tactilely engaging can spark curiosity and motivate learning.

  • Middle and High School

    As academic content becomes more complex, clarity in print materials becomes crucial. For example, a science textbook with crisp, detailed diagrams can make complex biological concepts more tangible and understandable.

  • College Students

    At the collegiate level, most materials are dense with information, enabling students to master their chosen major fully. For college students, the clarity of printed handouts can significantly impact understanding and retention.

Supplementing Materials Made by Printers For Schools With Technology

Blending traditional print with new technologies can enhance learning even further. For example, Augmented Reality (AR) features can bring historical events to life right on the pages of a history book. Meanwhile, QR codes in a textbook can link to online videos for additional learning support. These integrations not only make learning more interactive but also cater to students' diverse learning preferences.

Yet, accessing these high-quality materials can be challenging, particularly for underfunded schools. Budget constraints may sometimes force educators to make do with outdated or subpar materials. Therefore, decision-makers need to remind themselves that the upfront cost of high-quality print materials can lead to long-term educational gains.

Enabling Topnotch Printing For Schools

Investing in quality should be a strategic priority for every learning institution. Schools can partner with organizations like SumnerOne, which specializes in educational print solutions, to access custom materials that meet their specific needs without compromising quality.

The connection between high-quality print materials and student achievement is crystal clear, and SumnerOne is here to partner with schools, colleges, and other learning institutions ready to make that commitment to superior education. With our expertise in cutting-edge printing solutions (backed up by over 70 years in this industry) and a deep understanding of educational needs, we can help you choose among the best printers for schools.

Book a free print assessment now to learn how printers for schools can enhance your educational offerings and help pave the way for your students' success!


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