Reduce Healthcare Administrative Costs with Print Management Services

Healthcare reform laws and new mandatory compliance regulations have combined to put new pressures on healthcare administrators to cut costs and increase efficiency.

One area that many healthcare administrators overlook is their print environment. In fact, only 10% of businesses of any kind have a method in place to track printing costs. As a result, expenditures can fly under the radar, costing businesses as much as 3% of annual revenues.

Don't Leave Things to Chance

Managed print services is designed to help organizations gain visibility and ultimately, control of their print infrastructure. For most, the results are impressive; many organizations see as savings as high as 30% annually.

1. Reduced Printing Costs

An unmanaged print environment can wreak havoc on budgets. From emergency repairs for unmanaged devices and out-of-control spending on consumables like toner cartridges and paper, costs can escalate very quickly. Print management  provides the insight you need to know what you're currently spending, with strategies to drastically cut back on waste.

2. Time to Focus on Core Objectives

Your IT team can probably tell you exactly how many helpdesk calls are because of printer issues. A managed print services provider can take over the management of your print environment, from maintenance and supply ordering to installation and training on new devices. Your IT team will thank you.

3. Enhanced Patient Security

The HIPAA and HITECH Acts made patient confidentiality a matter of law. But you know that there's something even more important than regulatory compliance. Your patients count on you to keep their private information private. Since trust is an integral component in any patient/provider relationship, best practices for keeping your documents secure should be a top priority.

To learn more ways  can help your healthcare organization reduce costs and improve patient care, contact us at SumnerOne today! We want to help your organization so you can get back to doing what you do best. 

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Originally published December 14, 2016, updated July 31, 2018


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