Overcoming the Challenges of Printers


When it comes to printing, under performing printers can be productivity killers. Every time your business has to stop working because your printer is malfunctioning, you are losing time and money. Here are some helpful ways to avoid setbacks and overcome common print challenges.

Getting the Right

In today’s business climate, printers have to be able to print and much more. Since we place so many demands on our equipment, it is imperative that you select the appropriate printer for your business.

When picking a printer, you should think about the type of documents you require and the volume of printing you will be doing. A small doctor’s office that prints medical forms is going to have very different prints need than an advertising firm that prints large posters and advertisements. Anticipating demands and selecting the most suitable model for the work you will be doing is an important first step in avoiding downtime.

Multitasking Made Easy

At SumnerOne, we are experts in  printers. And we know that your Multifunction Printer is the most popular device in your office, which means people are constantly using it or battling it out over who gets priority access. But don’t worry. We can help you find a multifunction device with the best multitasking capabilities that can scan, print, and copy all at the same time. That’s right; anyone can send a print job even if another employee is making copies and another is using the device to scan—all without sacrificing speed, sanity, or productivity.

Smart Controls

While MFPs can handle multiple tasks at once, there are times when certain jobs must take priority over others. That is where smart workflow controls come into play, allowing you to circumvent first come, first served and allow critical jobs to move to the top of the print cue. When you pair the best MFP with most effective software, you can be responsive and productive without fear of setbacks and downtime.

Have questions about printers? Well, we have the answers. Contact SumnerOne today for help selection the right printer or MFP for your business needs.

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Originally published October 6, 2016, September 25, 2018


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