Managed Print Services Can Mean Big Savings

If you are a small business or non-profit organization, you are always looking for ways to cut costs and reduce expenses. Well, one of the simplest and most effective ways is to get a handle on your print costs with managed print services from SumnerOne.

Cutting Down Printing Costs

Most businesses don’t realize just how much money they are wasting on their print program. Outdated technology and inefficient practices can lead to extraneous spending that can be curbed. Due to the complex nature of non-profit organizations, managing your print network can become a low priority in the face of more pressing issues. Fortunately, our managed print services are specifically designed to serve your particular business needs and provide you with the optimal print solutions and cost savings.

Managed Print Outstanding Benefits

Although any type and size business can enjoy managed print services, it is even more important for small organizations or non-profit businesses who have tight budgets and lack of funding. And, it’s not just about saving money, MPS offers outstanding benefits, including:

  • Single point of contact for maintenance, consumables, and billing making print management easier for stressed staff.
  • Increased security with digital documents. Plus, we can help you convert your hardcopy documents to digital files, which reduces reliance on paper and improves workflow.
  • Maximize the efficiently of you print fleet management for optimal printing and savings. We know all the tips and tricks to get the most out of printers and MFPs. Even if you can’t afford a new printer, we will make sure you get the most out of your existing technology.
  • Comprehensive assessment of your current print fleet and targeted recommendations for improvement.
  • Increase document security and reduce print waste by implementing print rules and restrictions for employees and technology. Just as with any sustainable initiative, reducing waste and improving efficiency saves money and helps streamline processes.

When you combine these streamlined methods with cost reduction, There are more than 15,000 non-profit organizations just in the state of Missouri! So, if you are one of them and need help with managed print services, contact us today.

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Originally published October 4, 2016, updated September 14, 2018


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