Increase Remote Work Success with Enterprise Content Management

A content management system is a great first step toward providing structure to document creation and management. But it only addresses a fraction of the needs and challenges related to content management—especially within a remote work environment.

Managing a successful remote work arrangement requires a more comprehensive approach to content management. An enterprise content management system does all of the work of your existing content management tools, along with added functionality and support to optimize your content strategy and ultimately delivers more value to your business.

What Is Enterprise Content Management?

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) expands upon traditional content management capabilities by incorporating tools that support the creation and sharing of digital content and the management, storage, and archival of documents for future use.

Unlike other content management methods, which may only focus on creating and managing documents, ECM addresses the entire content life cycle. As your business grows, so does the complexity of its content creation, management, and storage. An ECM solution provides a streamlined approach to content management that can support your operations and workflows as your business continues to grow.  

Remote Work Benefits of Enterprise Content Management

ECM offers value to organizations of any size or configuration, and the benefits of this solution are even more significant for remote workforces. Here’s a look at the specific benefits ECM offers remote work environments.

1. A Better Overall Customer Experience

Digitized documents are easier to locate, search, and analyze, which improves your ability to answer customer inquiries, in addition to streamlining workflows to enhance your overall customer service delivery.  

The digitized and automated capabilities of ECM allow your organization to speed up processes enterprise-wide and increases productivity while reducing customer wait times. These improvements to your customer service result in better customer engagement and retention, increasing ROI from your ECM solution. 

2. Strengthened Content Security Through User Authentication and Other Practices

Contrary to popular belief, digital document storage can actually offer a more effective security front than traditional storage of paper documents—which could be stolen, lost, damaged, or destroyed.

ECM supports easy modifications of user permissions and authentication, so only authorized personnel can access certain content, including confidential or sensitive documents. 

3. Improved Compliance Across Digital Assets

ECM enforces your company’s content policy uniformly by improving consistency with style guides, and other documentation requirements. This technology can also support legal compliance for contracts and other records—a crucial function when documents are being signed and managed remotely.

4. Streamline Content Access and Use, Improving Remote Work Productivity

ECM improves access to internal content for all of your employees without compromising security. Digital document storage is seamless, and applicable digital content can be easily integrated into existing workflows. This allows your organization to improve upon established processes that are crucial to your operations. 

5. Better Invoicing and Cash Flow Monitoring

ECM replaces traditional invoicing processes with digital tools that deliver invoices, pay balances, and process invoice activity. These efficiencies can reduce turnaround times by hours, days, or even weeks. Digital monitoring makes it easier to oversee accounts and make sure outstanding invoices are addressed quickly, improving your cash flow.

Using ECM to Increase Remote Work Success

Without Enterprise Content Management, the constraints created by remote work can lead to reduced productivity and increased security risks. These directly impact an organization’s revenue potential and exposure to financial liabilities.

By adopting ECM, you can safeguard your content and business assets against the risks that come with remote work—while supporting daily workflows through automation, secure access, and other tools that support greater productivity.

Invest in Your Remote Work Force

Whether your organization views remote work arrangements as a necessary evil or an opportunity to innovate, make sure you have the right tools and solutions in place to foster success for individuals and the company as a whole.

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