3 Ways IT Benefits from Managed Print Services

When your company’s print services aren’t properly managed, the burden often falls on your IT department. Print-related help desk tickets account for about 23 percent of all IT requests at the average company.

Compounding this issue is the fact that IT professionals aren’t print infrastructure experts. Although they have the skills and expertise to address problems as they arise, your IT staff are less effective than dedicated print specialists. This misappropriation of responsibility leads to reduced productivity and a greater risk of additional print issues.

In turn, Managed Print Services offer significant value to your company’s IT department. Here’s an in-depth look at three IT benefits from Managed Print Services and how they create a positive ripple effect across your organization:

1. Improved IT Resource Management

Instead of dedicating IT resources to managing your print infrastructure, Managed Print Services free up your IT staff to focus on other important objectives and company projects. With Managed Print Services overseeing your print infrastructure, all employees benefit from the relief on your IT team, improving productivity and efficiency across your organization. 

IT can narrow the scope of its job responsibilities, which benefits employee performance across the board. IT help desk ticket response times improve, and IT resources can be committed to new projects and initiatives for the organization. The commitment of more IT resources to internal projects can help your business prioritize value-added projects that an outside vendor couldn’t manage or support as successfully. 

2. Improved Security

Print security is sometimes an overlooked aspect of business security. Poor print security creates an avenue for hackers and malware to infiltrate your network, steal sensitive data, and present significant liabilities that put your company’s future at risk.

Your organization’s print infrastructure has a unique footprint based on the number and types of devices within your network, as well as the wireless network connected to those devices. Installation is a crucial aspect of your print environment and can determine the success of dependent workflows and security measures. Having a dedicated managed print professional handle your device setup ensures the integrity of your entire print infrastructure. 

Outside of a Managed Print Services setup, IT isn’t just responsible for securing this infrastructure—IT is also tasked with addressing fallout. Managed Print Services can implement and oversee the necessary security features to serve your specific print environment, including data encryption, user authentication, regular patching, software update installations. This approach reduces your IT workload while still effectively mitigating security risks to protect your organization as a whole. 

3. Reduced Downtime

Print hardware breakdowns or other causes of downtime have a direct impact on your company’s productivity and bottom line. Print device outages can create workflow bottlenecks that have a ripple effect throughout an organization.

Managed Print Services can implement maintenance and prevention measures that track the workload and wear and tear on print hardware. This approach includes taking steps to extend the life of your print devices and equipment while preventing breakdowns before they impact operations.

Print maintenance requires a time commitment from IT that pulls resources away from other help desk tickets, which results in more downtime for all other aspects of your IT infrastructure. Managed Print Services reduce downtime by supporting your print infrastructure, improving performance across your organization, and creating value reflected in your profit margins.

Adding Value Through Better IT Operations

By implementing Managed Print Services to improve your print infrastructure and reduce demands on your IT department, your company should realize new gains in efficiency wherever operations are dependent on your IT staff’s support.

Invest in services that support your IT department and create a wave of value that spans your organization. Want to learn more? Download our guide, Making the Case for Managed Print Services.


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