How PaperCut MF Helps Reduce Your Company's Printing Costs

how to lower business expenses using PaperCut MF print management software

Printing expenses are one area where businesses often overpay without realizing it. From pointless print jobs to inefficient printer usage, your print-related costs can mount up quickly. Fortunately, your company can drastically cut printing costs while still fulfilling your operational requirements if you have the appropriate policies and procedures in place.

Here's where PaperCut MF comes in. This powerful print management software helps businesses monitor, manage, and improve their printing environment, allowing them to save on print expenses.

So, what is PaperCut MF, and how can it benefit your company’s finances? Here are three tips on how your business can use PaperCut MF to cut down on print-related costs:

Tip #1: Monitor and Analyze Printing Usage Data

One of PaperCut's key functionalities is its real-time ability to monitor and analyze your printing usage data. It lets you track important metrics like print volume, paper size, color usage, and printer preferences. With this, you can identify your organization’s unique print patterns and pinpoint areas of inefficiency.

Through PaperCut’s intuitive dashboards and detailed reports, administrators can gain valuable insights into printing habits across the organization. Armed with this information, you can then take proactive measures to implement policies that encourage responsible printing practices among users.

Tip #2: Set up Rules and Policies for Printing

PaperCut has customizable rules and policies, which allow companies to set printing permissions and behaviors that suit their unique requirements.

To set up rules and policies using PaperCut MF, administrators simply need to access the PaperCut admin console through the PaperCut login portal. From there, they can configure various printing rules and policies and tailor them to their organization's specific needs. 

PaperCut MF provides unmatched versatility in effectively managing printing operations. You can define rules for printing specific file types, enforce print job routing based on parameters like size or color, or limit access to private documents.

Tip #3: Implement Print Quotas and Restrictions

In addition to setting your own printing policies, you can also set specific print limits. Doing so allows businesses to prevent excessive usage and encourage responsible printing behavior.

PaperCut MF allows for implementing print restrictions, such as limiting access to color printing or enforcing duplex printing by default, further reducing costs and environmental impact. Administrators can allocate quotas based on factors such as job volume, paper size, or color printing, ensuring fair distribution of resources across the organization.

Tip #4: Encourage Duplex and Black-and-White Printing

As mentioned, if you know how to use PaperCut, administrators can configure default settings for print jobs. One of these is setting duplex printing as the default option for specific users or departments. This prompts users to consider the environmental and cost-saving benefits of printing on both sides of a paper.

Promoting black-and-white printing for your company’s internal documents can significantly lower consumable costs associated with color printing.

Tip #5: Educate Employees on Efficient Printing Practices

Last but not least, your employees may need to be made aware of the costs associated with printing or the impact their printing habits can have on the company's bottom line. That’s why it’s essential to provide them with training on good printing practices.

Through scheduled training sessions, you can teach your employees the advantages of efficient printing procedures and proper use of PaperCut software. If you provide your staff with the information and resources they need to print sustainably, your business can gradually cut down its printing expenses.

Moreover, PaperCut MF offers features like print job notifications and pop-up messages, which can remind users of your printing policies and encourage responsible printing behavior.

Start Optimizing Your Print Infrastructure with PaperCut MF

With PaperCut MF features like Print Archiving and Secure Print Release, your business can improve security, reduce paper waste, and improve workflow efficiency. PaperCut Mobility Print allows your employees to print from their mobile devices seamlessly, further enhancing flexibility and productivity in the workplace.

SumnerOne offers comprehensive printing solutions, including modern printers capable of integrating PaperCut software. These printers are equipped with advanced features such as built-in authentication and native support for PaperCut, making it easy for businesses to manage their print environment.

Contact us today for a free consultation to optimize your print infrastructure and lower your print-related costs!


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