Featured Product: Canon imagePRESS Lite C165

With each technology replacement we purchase, we’re always looking for new and exciting ways to upgrade. When contracts are up on our mobile phones, we look at things like reception, memory, speed, and camera quality. When you put the newest phones next to each other, however, there’s not a lot that sets them apart. Until there’s a real game changer in the bunch—remember when the first smartphones came to market? The first iPhone? The first Android?—there isn’t much to get excited about. When looking for a new multi-function printer (MFP), there are several upgrades to consider as well, depending on essential work demands and business goals, but there hasn’t been an option like the Canon imagePRESS Lite C165 before.

In fact, it isn’t fair to call the C165 a multi-function printer because it falls somewhere between a traditional walk-up MFP and a machine for use in light production environments. Because of its unique hybrid-like capabilities, it combines the best of both these print worlds into one platform.


How it Works

The Canon imagePRESS Lite C165 brings production-level capabilities to the masses. In today’s workplace, you need the ability to be resilient and versatile while improving productivity. At the same time, meeting tight deadlines with a lean staff requires equipment that’s intuitive, adaptive, and reliable. The Canon C165 bridges the gap for companies needing a multi-function printer that also has light production capabilities. With professional print quality and media versatility for creative graphics applications, you can take your work documents further.

From the start of a print job to admiring the finished product, the Canon imagePRESS Lite C165 is designed to deliver. The machine has optimized workflow capabilities and is ready to work with whatever copy management service you’re used to working with. Send your documents digitally or scan them with high productivity—up to 230 duplex images per minute. Using the print job management software to prepare jobs for production is easy, too. Using the user interface, you can filter the job list, drag and drop jobs to the import list, and view toner and paper/drawer status all from your workstation.

Here's a video overview about the Canon imagePRESS Lite C165:


Common Use Cases

With multi-DAT for color consistency, 2400 dpi, long-sheet capability, and in-line finishing, there’s not a lot the C165 can’t do. Start offering the following capabilities to your clients:

  • Manuals, reports, catalogs
  • Promotional materials
  • Business cards
  • Invitations and brochures
  • Direct mail (with or without variable data)

Unlike a traditional MFP, the C165 has loop sensor control to maintain media alignment to help keep high quality on heavy, coated, and banner stocks. The C165 has multiple finishing configuration options, including stapling, booklet-making, and folding.


If you’re looking to increase what you can offer to your clients and turn it around in less time, consider the Canon imagePRESS Lite C165. SumnerOne is your partner in office and light production printing, and we’d love for you to contact us for a free assessment today.



Q: How much does the Canon imagePRESS Lite C165 cost?

A: Because of the diversity of options regarding finishers, it’s best to speak with someone about customizing a solution that best suits your needs. Prices will vary depending on options.


Q: Does the Canon imagePRESS Lite C165 have fax capability?

A: Not only does the C165 have fax capability as a standard option, but it’s the only machine on the market in this space with fax functionality.


Q: How secure is the Canon imagePRESS Lite C165?

A: The C165 is equipped with PIN security and access control. Canon has also partnered with McAfee to limit malware execution and protect from tampering.


Q: What kind of power source does Canon imagePRESS Lite C165 require?

A: Unlike most production machines, the C165 does not require 220V service and can be plugged into any standard outlet.


Q: What’s the heaviest media the Canon imagePRESS Lite C165 can handle?

A: 350gsm


Q: Isn’t outsourcing printing cheaper?

A: Not necessarily. Check this out for more helpful information. https://blog.sumnerone.com/5-facts-about-office-printing-paper-and-the-price


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