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Bob Stalinksi knows a thing or two about the printing industry. As the owner of Minuteman Press-Des Peres since 2001, he’s seen the market change. When Minuteman Press-Des Peres first started print services to customers, their asks were fairly straight forward. Customers wanted fast, clean print jobs at fair prices. In 2019, what Minuteman Press-Des Peres offers is a bit more cutting edge. From graphic artists on staff providing design services to direct-to-mail services, from custom print jobs in non-traditional sizes to a host of digital publishing services—Minutemen customers know that if they can dream it, Stalinski and staff will figure out how to print it.

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The ProblemThe Problem

Where Toner is Thicker Than Water

The value of customer service was fostered in Stalinski before he started Minuteman Press-Des Peres. As a long-time employee of SumnerOne, he came away from his employment with a dream to be a small-business owner. Minuteman is built on shared principles with SumnerOne. 1) there are places where everything works, and 2) customer satisfaction is priority number one.


With these principles in mind, Stalinski chose to equip the press with top-of-the line Canon hardware from SumnerOne—a Canon image RUNNER ADVANCE 8295 Printer, for super-fast black and white printing, and 2 color digital printers. One is a Canon 8000 digital color printer with a booklet maker that can fold, square and trim edges, and finish the books in a variety of ways: stapled, saddle-stitched, or glue bound. This bigger machine can handle a wide variety of cardstocks. The smaller Canon digital color printer 750 features a large sheet feeder, giving Minutemen the ability to print 30in x 13in materials. “Both of these machines have given us capabilities in the marketplace that still, to this day, many other vendors don’t have,” Stalinski explains.

When Stalinski needs to upgrade hardware, SumnerOne is his only call. This wasn’t always the case. Like any good consumer, he shopped around, but found other suppliers wouldn’t listen to his needs—only wanting to show or sell, “want they wanted to give me,” Stalinski recalls. He has also come to depend on the customer service he gets from SumnerOne. “I don’t have three days for customer service to answer my question,” he says. “At SumnerOne, you can always call, and someone answers the phone. They can answer your question or find someone who can.”

"I would encourage others to strongly consider SumnerOne. Not just based on price, but you’re going to get great service; you’re going to get a top-of-the-line product; and they’re always going to be there when you need someone to come to help you out."

- Bob Stalinski, Owner, Minuteman Press-Des Peres

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