Featured Product: Canon imagePRESS C910/C810 Series

For many, "digital" and "print" seem at odds with one another. Some even thought a digital world would mean the death of print. However, print has embraced the digital world to advance industry offerings, functionality, and, most importantly, productivity. Digital print has revolutionized print production and created a huge demand for flexible, low-cost, high-quality printing options.

Canon has remained an industry leader amid digitization, introducing its first digital printing press in the early 1990s. Canon's digital presses have automated and simplified production, emerging as a cost-effective alternative to offset printing.

The Canon imagePRESS c850 was one of the first small footprint devices to support mid-volume production with high-quality output capabilities. In 2019, Canon USA updated their original "workhorse" digital press and released the  Canon ImagePRESS C910 series. The series has three models in total; the C910, C810, and C710, which differ in production speed.

Canon engineers designed the imagePRESS C910 series to address the challenging demands and tight deadlines of commercial print shops by prioritizing workflow into all aspects of its design, with greater automation and improved production speed. As a high-quality digital press, the C910 allows print shops to diversify their portfolios while saving space, time, and money.


How it Works

The Canon imagePRESSC910 printer is a mid-volume production press that delivers high-quality output from a small footprint device. Productive and versatile, the C910 produces brilliant media of varying shapes and sizes with improved production speeds. The C910 brings advanced production capabilities of an offset press without the hefty price tag. The compact device allows smaller print shops to print more complex jobs, without sacrificing turnaround time or print volume.

The small footprint of the C910 in no way limits its ability to complete sophisticated print jobs from start-to-finish. The device can reach impressive speeds of 90 pages per minute, meaning operators spend less time on each print job. Operators can even complete crucial tasks like replacing toner and paper without having interrupted the print job. With an array of finishing options, the C910 series can complete complex binding and trimming, meaning more jobs stay in-house.

The C910 series allows print shops to expand their portfolio to meet customer demand without investing in large production equipment. Initial costs aside, the C910 series improves efficiencies that increase profit margins over time. The C910 can simultaneously produce output on a wide range of media, rather than having to run each job separately. In tandem with a shorter warm-up time, the C910's functionality cuts turnaround time considerably. 


Common Use Cases

The Canon imagePRESS C910 offers a variety of feeding, finishing, and server options to drive workflow efficiencies. The C910 series also includes updates to finishing options and media support that allows more output versatility. The open Document Finishing Device DFD interface supports third-party finishing for corner stapling and advanced in-line finishing.

The device can support auto duplex stocks up to 130lb, expanding media production capabilities, including business cards, invitations, and direct mail. The Canon imagePRESS C910 supports media up to 51.2 inches, including pocket folders, banners, marketing collateral.

The C910 series supports heavier stocks, expanding what printing establishments of varying sizes can offer their customers. The C910 supports stocks up to 130 lb and maintains rated speed on uncoated stock up to 80lb. The compact device maintains accurate registration while the Translucent CV Toner produces vivid, quality images on large or heavy stocks.

Canon designed the registration model to achieve accurate and consistent front to back registration on large, heavy, and stiff stocks. These features ensure quality output on a wide variety of stocks, for both simple and complex jobs.

The Canon C910 and C810 are both easy-to-operate presses that do not need experienced operators to produce brilliant output. The Canon C910 series has expanded automation that also eliminates the need for training, while simultaneously reducing the chance of operator error. The intuitive user interface enables users to manage stock and produce a wide range of media, simultaneously.

To produce quality output quickly, the Canon imagePRESS C910 relies on automation and simplified workflows. The device includes an advanced image transfer belt that produces high-density image transfer onto textured stocks. With features like the automatic color correction and calibration, the device delivers the consistent and repeatable output needed for tough jobs with minimal effort.


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Q: How much does the Canon imagePRESS C910 cost?

A: Because of the diversity of options regarding finishers and add-ons, it’s best to speak with someone about customizing a solution that best suits your needs. Prices will vary depending on model and feature options. 


Q: What Print Servers does the Canon imagePRESS C910 support?

A: The C910 series offers a choice of Digital Front Ends: Canon's PRISMAsync Print Server Version 7 and the EFI's Fiery-powered imagePRESS Servers (H250 &H350).


Q: What kind of power source does the C910 require?

A: Unlike most production machines, the C910 does not require a 220V service and can be plugged into any standard outlet.


Q: What 3rd party in-line finishing options are compatible with the C910 series?

A: Third-Party finishing options include SDD Square Fold Booklet-Marker, Square Fold Booklet-Maker with Two-Knife Trimmer, SDD BLM300C Booklet-Maker, Plockmatic BLM50/35 Booklet-Maker, Plockmatic Multi-Purpose Stacker, GBC eWire Pro, and MAX Ring Binder.


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