Using Print Materials to Enhance Remote Learning Experiences

printed educational or learning materials for remote or online learning

In recent years, the education sector has witnessed the rise of remote classes as an alternative and integral approach to teaching-learning. While online classes come with their pros, not all learners prosper solely on digital platforms. Many students still prefer to use diversified learning resources, and one of the best ways to meet this preference is by integrating printed school materials into online classes.

How exactly do printed learning materials in remote learning settings give students an edge? Keep reading to find out.

The Value of Printed School Materials in Remote Learning

All learners have varied needs and preferences. That’s why we believe the most successful educators are those who don’t only concern themselves with their students’ unique learning styles but also diversify the learning experience.

As your school teachers prepare their list for remote and home school materials, printed resources should never be out of the picture because they offer these advantages:

  • Tangibility and Engagement
    Holding a writing worksheet provides tactile stimulation, which can help students—particularly kinesthetic learners—connect and engage more with their school materials.
  • Screen Time Reduction

    Staring constantly at digital interfaces can adversely affect a person’s health. Having diverse materials for schools (that include printed learning materials) supports the well-being of students. It enables them to rest their eyes and alleviate eye strain, and can even prevent headaches and other related conditions brought about or exacerbated by excessive screen use.

  • Improved Understanding and Retention

    Last but not least, according to a 2018 study on the effects of reading media on reading comprehension, people understand things better when reading print rather than digital resources. 

How to Integrate Printed School Materials into Remote Learning Settings

With all those advantages in mind, it’s natural to be curious about how to integrate these printed learning materials into your school’s remote classes.

To ensure this approach’s effectiveness, we suggest following these simple tactics:

  • Synchronize your print resources with the digital content to create a cohesive learning experience across mediums.
  • Implement portfolio projects to encourage your students to secure physical copies of their digital work.
  • Create individualized learning packets that contain customized sets of printed materials for schools to promote self-paced and supplemental learning.
  • Develop school materials with QR codes or AR markers using high-quality printers. This will prompt students to scan the content using their devices and engage with Augmented Reality (AR) learning content.

Top-Quality Printing Solutions: The Secret to Top-Grade School Materials

Do your teachers have exciting ideas for their upcoming home schooling material? You can execute those ideas by investing in high-quality printing that ensures the printed material’s clarity, precision, and aesthetics!

Securing high-quality print technology offers a plethora of benefits for your school. It enhances efficiency, especially when producing and distributing home school materials like study guides and supplementary modules. In addition, producing top-quality prints will boost your school’s image in the eyes of the students and their parents—reflecting your institution’s commitment to high-quality education.

If your school is ready to produce the best learning materials for remote teaching, SumnerOne is the partner you need. With over 70 years of experience as a trusted name for print technology solutions in the Midwest, we’ll provide your school’s printing requirements with expert insights and utmost professionalism.

Contact us today to find out how our print experts can develop customized solutions for printing your school materials—whether for remote or on-campus learning!


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