Navigating the USPS Decertification in 2024: What You Need to Know

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As we approach the end of 2024, both businesses and individuals who have grown used to the conveniences of traditional mail systems are gearing up for a transformative period: the USPS decertification.

It isn't just a minor change; it's a symbolic shift in the intersection of traditional mailing and this rapidly advancing digital age. For decades-long users of traditional postage systems, the upcoming USPS decertification might evoke concerns about adaptability, efficiency, and continuity. How can businesses ensure uninterrupted service during this transitional phase? What new technologies or practices will they need to adopt?

On the other hand, for the tech-savvy generation, it's a promising stride into a future where mail systems seamlessly integrate with digital platforms, maximizing efficiency.

To grasp the implications of this pivotal moment in the history of U.S. postal services and to understand what it spells for businesses as well as everyday users, it's essential to learn what’s involved in the USPS decertification. This article will dive deep into this very topic.

Understanding the USPS Decertification

For decades, the United States Postal Service (USPS) has been using a wide range of technologies to ensure that our mail, packages, and other items get from one place to another efficiently and securely. It has constantly been leveraging innovative technologies and methods to streamline its operations and continuously meet the demands of growing populations and changing times.

One of those technologies—the Information-Based Indicia (IBI)—is set to become obsolete by the middle of 2024. By December 31 next year, all IBI postage meters are mandated to be phased out and removed from circulation.

Taking the IBI’s previous place, the Intelligent Mail Indicia (IMI) system will become the gold standard. But what are the reasons behind this upcoming change?

Benefits of Embracing the IMI System

In a nutshell, the IMI system is more robust and efficient than the IBI. Here are the benefits of the IMI system, which spurred the USPS Decertification in 2024:

Advanced Technology

First of all, the IMI has the same features as the IBI, but on top of that, it also incorporates additional data elements. Those extra features translate to better mail management, improved security, automation of processes, and more cost-effective solutions. With enhanced data encryption standards, businesses and individuals can rest easy knowing their mail data is securely transmitted.

Error Minimization

Manual inputs for postage, which often led to mistakes, are eradicated in the IMI system. This development promises to reduce costly errors and service delays.

Environmental and Safety Measures

The decertification process also underscores USPS's commitment to environmental responsibility and user safety. The IMI’s newer system is designed to be more eco-friendly and safer for users.


While physical mail remains indispensable, it must align with the digital evolution. IMI's capabilities reflect the USPS's vision for a more integrated, digital-friendly mail service.

Real-time Updates

Last but not least, in connection to the previous point, IMI systems are designed to connect with the central servers frequently, ensuring users are continually updated with the latest changes, including rate modifications.

Preparing for the Transition

Transitioning from a familiar system to a new one can be daunting. Here are some tips to ensure a smooth changeover concerning the USPS Decertification and the shift from the IBI to the IMI system:

1) Stay Informed

The first step to a seamless transition is awareness. Regularly check USPS announcements for new updates related to the decertification. The USPS website is the best place to look at, but you can also keep your eyes open for updates posted on news sites and reliable social media outlets.

2) Evaluate Your Current System

If you're using an IBI postage meter, it's important to plan for its replacement soon. Don't wait until the last moment to avoid potential issues.

3) Seek Trusted Providers

Companies like SumnerOne offer IMI-compliant postage meters, ensuring you have the best in the market. Have no doubt that your machine is up to date and falls within the regulation guidelines.

4) Seek Training and Education

Finally, familiarize your team with the new systems. Attending workshops or even just watching online training sessions (try searching on YouTube) can be very helpful.

Final Thoughts on the USPS Decertification

The USPS decertification in 2024 is more than just a technological shift—it represents the evolving needs of modern society and the U.S. postal system's timely response to those changes. While the shift might seem huge, with the right information and preparation, your transition to the IMI system can be smooth and hassle-free.

So, as we prepare to bid adieu to the IBI systems, let's welcome the IMI with open arms and look forward to a more efficient, secure, and integrated future of mailing.

If your organization would like some assistance or more information with regard to the USPS Decertification, please feel free to reach out to our mailing specialist - Andrew Gathright at


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