Minimizing Security Risks with Document Management

The reality in today’s business environment is that the vast majority of information breaches are from internal sources. A recent survey said that 75% of security breaches are caused due to internal threats. Often times these breaches are unintentional, but, that doesn’t make the risk any less severe. In a regulated business environment, it has become even more important that your integral documents are secure to mitigate your risk. Securing your office with document management is a surefire way to know your important data won't fall into the wrong hands.

Securing your Business with Document Management

Think about the multitudes of ways your paper or electronic documents could be misplaced or mishandled. There are lengthy paperwork processes, filing mishaps, outdated document security measures, and more. By adopting an electronic content management (ECM) or document management solution, you're adding security and efficiency to a process that was once tedious and risky.

Thinking about the security of your documents within your business should be top of mind. After all, your business runs on the data you collect, analyze, and store. Security risks to your business are all around you. Having an understanding of where the risks are coming from is your first step in making a plan to mitigate against them.

Ask yourself these questions when thinking about your information security:

  • Do you know or have any record of who is handling your documents and where they are going?
  • Are there any processes in place to control the printing or scanning of documents and where they can be sent?
  • Are you aware of who is editing your documents and the risks involved?
  • Are you faced with any strict regulations or potential fines for mishandling sensitive client information?
  • How would your company’s reputation be affected by an information breach?
  • If a catastrophic event happened to your business location, could you still access your documents?

It’s never nice to paint a picture of doom and gloom, but information security isn’t only one part of your network infrastructure: it's also an integral part of your document processes. Some companies have found out the hard way by being unprepared or by not mitigating their risk.

The reality is, there is no way to completely eliminate the risk of any form of information breach. But businesses must be able to operate within reasonable constraints, otherwise, your bottom line will be affected. Document management is a great start to helping improve your businesses processes and secure some of your most important information so it doesn't get into the wrong hands.

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SumnerOne is here to partner with your organization to help you to determine the right amount of risks in regards to both your IT infrastructure and your business documents. Contact the experts at SumnerOne to learn more about how to get your business on the right track with a document management solution.

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