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Old-Technology-ComputerDo you have a shelf or drawer of old tech devices that are just collecting dust? Maybe you told yourself that you would use it as a backup for your new device or you just didn't know what to do with it once you were done, it happens. Our IT expert, Chadd Haselhorst joined the crew at The Big 550 KTRS for Tech Talk to discuss some options around recycling dated technology.

Old Technology Can be Valuable Today

If you have technology that you've been holding on to since the 80s or 90s, you may be sitting on an electronic goldmine! Certain video game consoles, TVs, computers, and phones could be worth a pretty penny in today's marketplace. While the technology might be dated in respects to what we have today, many collectors would love to get their hands on the old devices for nostalgia purposes.

Chadd said that a lot of older technology devices that are considered to be collector's items can be found on resale stores, online, or in collector groups on social media. Some of the most popular pieces of vintage technology are the early Apple devices. If you know an Apple fanatic, tell them to hold on to their technology, it could be worth money someday! The possibilities are endless with old technology, be sure to scope out the worth of your older pieces before tossing or giving them away.

What Should I do with Old Technology?

In the instance of decluttering and getting rid of old devices, you have a few options. You can either sell the device, take it to a recycling facility, or give it away. Chadd gave some insight into the reasons for doing each, the benefits, and what you should do once you decide what is best.

Selling old devices is a great way to make a little bit of extra cash, and due to the internet, it's easier than ever before. Chadd's best tip of advice for selling a device is just to be sure you've cleaned off any of your personal data before handing it off to the new owner. Clicking the factory reset and wiping the device once or twice is your best way to ensure that you're not giving away your information.

Another option for getting rid of old tech is to recycle it. Scrap yards will take computers and other devices and destroy and scrap them. Computers and other electronic devices have gold and other valuable materials and is an alternative way to make money off of your technology if you decide not to resell. Another benefit of taking your technology to a scrap yard means you have the peace of mind knowing it has been destroyed and your personal data is safe from the wrong hands.

Lastly, Chadd brought up the idea to clean off your old technology and give it to a child to learn. Giving the device to a kid in your life can make for a great learning tool, especially if it's a computer. Refurbished devices can make for a great gift and help to teach responsibility and the in's and out's of how to properly use technology.

Tech Talk on KTRS

Do you know which route you'll be taking when spring cleaning hits and the time comes to say goodbye to some old tech? The good news is, you have options. Be sure to tune in this Friday afternoon at 4:20 to catch our IT Experts back in the studio for the Guy Phillips Show! To learn more about Tech Talk and SumnerOne, give us a call.


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