4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Up its Email Security Game


If you've ever strung together the sentence, "I don't care if my email gets hacked, there's nothing important in there." You're wildly mistaken. Even if you only use your email as a home base for your social media accounts and to stay in touch with old friends, you're still at risk. The vast majority of account holders use their email for bills, work, and other bits of personal information. If just about anything related to your email account was to fall into the hands of a cyber criminal, you should expect disaster. Here are 4 reasons it's time to up your email security game.

1.) Email is one of the most common IT security threats for businesses

The average employee receives an estimated 78 business related emails each day. multiply that by the number of employees and you're bound to come up with thousands of emails coming into your office network every day. There are a wide variety of email threats that can hit your inbox daily like phishing, malware, and other spam email varieties. Email has become the primary method that cyber criminals use to deliver harmful programs to end-users and businesses alike.

2.) One email-based attack could affect your entire organization

All it takes is one malicious email to slip through the cracks and infect your entire organization. Whether your business experiences an outbreak of phishing emails or a ransomware attack, one wrong click could leave a lasting stain on your entire network. All it takes is one employee clicking on the malicious content in an email and now you have a bigger problem on your hands. Employee security awareness training and tight security settings are two of the best ways to thwart email threats to your business network.

3.) Your current basic settings and filters aren't enough anymore

Scary, right? Sometimes even when you're trying to be proactive, you need to take things a step further. Basic anti-spam email filters are no match for how sophisticated cyber criminals are making their malicious emails. Businesses are experiencing the growing challenges of trying to ensure they have the proper defenses in place to detect advanced threats. In the case of malicious emails, sometimes your best defense still needs defending.

4.) Email threats are constantly evolving

As soon as businesses and professionals wise up on the current trends in spam emails, cyber criminals find another way to be creative with their attacks. As an example, phishing attacks are quickly becoming more and more difficult to detect. It's important to encourage your employees to practice security awareness and how to be a critical consumer when it comes to email. Arming employees with the tips they need to spot a phishing email and to send it off to your IT support team can help to protect your business immensely.

Securing your End-Users with SumnerOne

Email security will continue to be a growing concern and shows no signs of slowing down. If you're ready to get your business ahead of security risks and learn more about how to educate your end-users, SumnerOne is here to help. Our team of experts will take a consultative approach to your business's IT security, and work with you to find the best solution for your needs. We want to help you to identify your security risks, train end-users, and work with you to secure your IT infrastructure. When it comes to protecting your valuable assets, consider talking with the experts at SumnerOne - we're ready to help.

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